Temperature controller/ Thermostat HS code

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Product Name: Temperature Controller

HS code: 9032100000

0: Brand type

1: Export benefits: domestic independent brands

2: Purpose: Item function: electronically convert temperature signals into electrical signals through thermocouple, platinum resistance and other temperature sensing devices, and control relays through single-chip, PLC and other circuits to make heating (or cooling) equipment work (or stop) .

3: Principle item: Thermostat, according to the temperature change of the working environment, physical deformation occurs inside the switch, which will produce some special effects and produce a series of automatic control of on or off action. A series of automatic control components that produce turn-on or turn-off actions, or different principles of working conditions of electronic components at different temperatures to provide the circuit 

Temperature data.

The working principle of the power supply version: sample the output DC voltage to control the width of the drive pulse of the power switching device, thereby adjusting the turn-on time to make the output voltage adjustable and stable.

4: Function: measure temperature

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